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Sue's Cornish Kitchen

the home of homemade preserves

We specialise in making homemade preserves from homegrown ingredients. All of our preserves are made from natural ingredients sourced mostly in Cornwall, with many being grown in Sue's Cornish Garden.

We are committed to using local produce. This means that our products are seasonal, and we carry different stock at various times of the year. 

Flavours of the Month

Kiwi & Pineapple Jam

Kiwi & Pineapple Jam

New for 2021, this exotic jam blends homegrown kiwi fruit with not-homegrown pineapple juice to make a sweet and unusual jam. 

Regular Jar: £3

Sue's Cornish Kitchen Kea Plum Jam

Kea Plum Jam

Did you know that the Kea Plum is unique to Cornwall? Specifically, it is unique to Kea, grown on just 20 acres of land lining the Fal Estuary.

Our Kea Plum Jam is dark, rich, tangy and a delicious taste of Cornwall.

Regular Jar: £3

Sue's Cornish Kitchen Autumn Bite

Autumn Bite

An uncooked chutney to crunch your way through on an autumn day. Made with the fruits of autumn, this chutney pairs up nicely with cheese. 'Ansome!

Regular Jar: £3

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Sue's Cornish Kitchen

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Sue's Cornish Kitchen

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Sue's Cornish Kitchen

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