The staple English breakfast: Marmalade and Toast

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Regular = 8oz
Large = 12oz
Extra Large = 1lb

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Medlar Marmalade

Medlar Marmalade

Our Medlar Marmalade is brand new for Christmas 2021. Made with seville oranges and medlars, it may just be our most unique marmalade yet! 

Regular Jar: £3

Seville Marmalade


Our chunky Seville marmalade offers the traditional flavours of the English breakfast table. 

Regular Jar: £3.00

Seville and Ginger Marmalade

Seville & Ginger

Infused with the juice of root ginger and chunks of crystallised ginger to add more kick to your marmalade.

Regular Jar: £3.00

Shredless Seville Marmalade

Shredless Seville Marmalade

Also new for 2021 is our Shredless Seville Marmalade. A classic breakfast preserve with a smooth texture.

Regular Jar: £3

Sugar Free Seville Marmalade

Sugar Free Sevillle

Our brand new sugar free marmalade is bursting with flavour and made with Zusto - a sugar substitute made from corn and chicory fibres. Zùsto is ideal for diabetics as it has a glycaemic index of 22 and 75% less calories than sugar.

Regular Jar: £5

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